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lj idol week 1: Here There be Dragons
A mug of hot coco in one hand, my sim-screen in the other, I lounged in one of my favored chairs with my feet up. It was one of my rare few days off, and I took a great deal of amusement by sitting so that the sine for one of my love's cafe's flashed just behind me. "Smart Ass Central," it flashed, "The only spot for the sassiest of sweet treats!" I had often chuckled at his choice of names, even if it was in the back of my mind. Today was not one of those. I was too caught up in what I was reading to do so. So caught up that I didn't turn my head, even if I could have sworn I heard someone call my name.

"Little Phoenix!" It was a dusky Irish-tinted voice that immediately made me think of Craimar. The lilt, the tambor...wait, wrong tambor. Craimar's voice was never that rich, that full, that...big!

It succeeded in pulling me away from my book long enough to look up at the speaker. "Hmm?" Still half in the world of a tale where heroines fought demons and monsters turned on their own and others in efforts to aid the groups of wars untold, I faild to notice the energy of the person.

Once I took a good look at the speaker, I chuckled. Rori, I should have known. But...wait. He wasn't...wasn't...

"What the shit? Rori?" I squeaked out the question. I'd never seen one of his size before, or at least not in a damn long time, anyway. The last one I'd seen I...well...really didn't want to think about.

That one and I hadn't parted on the best of terms. I had basically told one of his best and brightest to go fuck themselves, to put it mildly. I turned my attention back to...this one. This dragon who was nearly as big as the Amberflame herself, and very nearly twice the length as she.

I heard a dry, dusky chuckle-in my head this time-and a voice that reminded me of the seven wild winds of a world I thought I had forgotten of. ~Your look, little elf,~ he drawled, ~Is priceless. What, never seen a dragon before?~ His humor was very nearly contagious, ~How could you not have known?~

I blinked at him. He was blue and purple-black, and as red as the fires of the dying sun, and as much of a smart ass as any of my Irishman could b...Irish? An Irish speaking dragon, what the fuck?

I very nearly reached to touch him-then thought better of it-most dragons don't liked to be touched without permission, I wasn't about to assume Rori was any different. Even if I *had* seen him in his humanoid form before this.

~Not...not one like you, no.~ I said softly, answering in the mind speech he was using, ~or-not in a very long time anyway. I...Had heard you were, but I...thought it only rumor and hearsay. I never presume to know the truth of that alone. That...has proven unwise for me on a number of occasions, you. some of which you were there for.~

His next chuckle was wry, perhaps even rueful, ~Point, little Elf.~ He conceded. I thought I felt him shift. He must take up half the porch between the buildings! How was he able to fit here? I hadn't realized the space in front of the porch was big enough...

My reverie was again cught off when I felt it-heard it-sensed it. Rori drawing in a breath speak, or what? I didn't yet know, but his eyes on me nearly felt like two hot suns, but they didn't burn the skin, only made the person squirm under them if he held them there long enough-and if he wanted them to.

~will...will you...will you fly with me...beside me, oh Phoenix of the sevenstars?~

I blinked at him. Phoenix of the Sevenstars. No one outside the Sevenstars tribe themselves had ever called me that before, and few knew who-or even what-they were. And of those still fewer approved of them beyond business transactions. And even less of that number approved of them as friends or allies.

Fewer yet could claim clan or family beyond someone they would incline the head to in a nod of respect of abilities, skills and the need to fight alongside the person. I was one of the rare few who could claim clan, kin and family-and perhaps even slightly more than that.

~I...~ I chanced to reach out and run a finger-just one-down one of his blue and purple-black wings, ~I would be honored to fly beside you, Oh Dragon of the seven winds, and blackest of midnight stars.~

The sigh he let out was one of relief and joy, and a tear rolled down his face and splatted to the ground. That would be the first of the tears I would gather from him, and the only one I would keep and hold dear to me, and me alone.

~You honor me.~ The reverence in his voice, the absence of the dusky quality to be replaced by the sense of nightblack and velvet nearly had me reeling. Him honored by *ne?* the little elf whom he had very nearly mocked-if only jokingly-just moments before?

~No,~ My own voice held shadows in it now, night and wind and fire, ~You honor me.~ I laid a hand on his head, having stood only moments before to do so. The first of the dragons I truly knew of-and one of the only ones giving me permission to write of him here and elsewhere-and he had asked me to fly with him, beside him. If that was not an honor, I did not know what was.

We stood that way for a long, yet brief moment, before he turned one huge eye to look at me, and that eye had to look down: I was a doll next to the giant form of his head. ~Shall we go then?~

I nodded, slipping back to fold up the chair I had been sitting in so that it fit down my back, and store the simscreen in its proper place. I had long since finished my coco and had taken care of the mug itself by placing it on a table where others like it lay.

The last thing I heard as I ran to keep up with the purple-black silouet of Rori was the owner of the cafe: "Have fun you two, ya hear? And do try to come back down in one piece, K?"

I chuckled, Cris, dear college genius that he was-He would say something like that, only to get reactions out of those he said it to.

**this entry was written for lj idol**

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Pretteh. :) Still do like.

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